Salesforce Apex Hours :- Lightning Testing Service (LTS)


Salesforce Apex Hours” organized another successful Online session / event on Sat, MAR 10, 2018 , focusing on “Lightning Testing Service (LTS)“.

Salesforce Apex Hours” is a recurring event to talk about Salesforce ! Some times we’d like to meet on one location and some time online. This time planned one online session on “Lightning Testing Service (LTS)” with Jitendra Zaa.

Agenda :-

▶What is Jasmine

▶Demo of Simple Jasmine Application

▶Other Frameworks

▶Considerations for Lightning Testing Service


Speaker : -Jitendra Zaa, Amit Chaudhary
Date :- Saturday, MAR 10, 2018 10:00 AM EST
Venue/Link :-

Here is PPT is Session


Here is recording of Session


Please check below post for Code


Please follow Below Pages / Community for future update or session.



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Join us on our Next Session on Sat, MAR 24, 2018 10:00 AM EST ( 8:30 PM IST ).

Salesforce Apex Hours :- Basics of Analytics Wave



Amit Chaudhary @amit_sfdc
Email :-

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