An in-depth look into Heroku Connect

Today 24 NOV 2018, “Salesforce Apex Hours” organized another successful Online session / event on “An in-depth look into Heroku Connect“.

Thank you so much Shruti Sridharan for a great session.

Here is the Agenda – 

  1. What Problem Are We Solving
  2. Say hello to Heroku Connect
  3. Why Heroku Connect is the Best Choice
  4. Heroku Connect Setup
    • Establish Connection
    • Setting up Mappings
    • Sync Data from Salesforce to Heroku Postrges
    • Sync Data from Heroku Postrges to Salesforce
  5. Visualize data in Heroku Postrges
    • Using DBeaver
    • Using Simple Node.js App
  6. Checklist: Things to Remember
  7. References
  8. Q & A

Here is recording of session :-

Here is link for PPT.


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Amit Chaudhary

@amit_sfdc    @ApexHours
Salesforce Apex Hours 

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